Access 360° World Heritage New Season This Month onwards

The National Geographic Channel (NGC) has added a new series of specially-commissioned documentaries to its World Heritage Special initiative. Titled Access 360° World Heritage, the series consists of nine episodes commissioned and produced by NGC. The nine-month-long series will see one new episode premiering each month, starting this month. Access 360° World Heritage is part of a renewed collaboration between NGC and Panasonic, one of the world's leading green innovation companies in the electronics industry.

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Highlighting the heritage importance

Taj Mahal HeritageBoth organisations are passionate about sustainable development and highlighting the importance of environmental and heritage conservation to people all around the world. The partnership also coincides with the 40th anniversary of the Unesco World Heritage Convention, a landmark international treaty for cultural and natural heritage preservation. The first of the specials under the Access 360° World Heritage series is titled Access 360° The Amazon, which will air later this month. It features the role of the world's largest tropical rainforest as a crucial conservation site as well as home to multiple endangered species.

The other commissioned specials in the series are Access 360° Taj Mahal (in October), Access 360° Kyoto (November) and Access 360° Statue of Liberty (December). The series continues next year with Access 360° Kilimanjaro (in January), Access 360° Cappadocia (February), Access 360° Borobudur (March), Access 360° Great Barrier Reef (April) and Access 360° Palace of Versailles (May).

Senju Kobayashi, the general manager of Panasonic Corporation's global corporate advertising office, advertising group, corporate brand strategy division, said this was the second consecutive year the company is partnering with NGC."As the first year was well received, we are pleased to continue our partnership for a second year.

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal

"We are thrilled to continue our support of Unesco, which this year is also celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Unesco World Heritage Convention. "We believe this partnership with NGC will help us to share Panasonic's vision for heritage protection and sustainable growth with the world."

Access 360° The Amazon premieres on National Geographic Channel (Astro channel 553) on Sept 22 at 8pm; while Access 360° Taj Mahal premieres on Oct 20 at 8pm.

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