Top 5 party destinations.

Not only is Europe one of the most interesting continents because of its culture but also because of its vibrant night life. In many cases these cities night life is overshadowed by famous tourist attractions such as museums or monuments, but I have a list of the top 5 party destinations in the European continent, which will not be overshadowed.
  1. Stockholm, Sweden- Whilst in Stockholm the partying never seems to stop, not even after the weekend. In fact Wednesday night is one of the busiest nights when it comes to partying. In Sweden, it’s not only the summer evenings which are long as well as the winter nights, which in this Swedish city results in a successful night life. With tens and hundreds of night clubs in the area that promise and unforgettable evening, although you must bear in mind where you are and remember that a long night out might be pricey.
  2. Amsterdam, Holland- Of course, Amsterdam has been given the party headquarters in Europe, being well known for its stag do’s and hen nights. There will always be a party going on somewhere in Amsterdam with most of the night clubs being liberal and allowing activities which may not be accepted in other countries. The best part about partying in Amsterdam is that you are allowed to taste drinks before making an order!
  3. Prague, Czech Republic- Rated as one of the top places to party in Europe, Prague has a reputation for overflowing with alcohol and having a great night life! Locals and tourists easily mix in the local bars and party until morning. Even though Prague hasn’t always been known as a party destination, it sure has overtaken other destinations. The fact that beer is ridiculously cheap might help the fact of the number of visitors who only visit to overindulge in alcohol.
  4. Ibiza, Spain- The most recognised, and the most top rated party destination according to party enthusiasts all around the world. The best part is that being a city on the coast the parties don’t just stay inside, there are many beach parties on going most of the nights allowing maximum enjoyment whilst on holiday. Ibiza is the place to go and indulge in activities that may not be allowed in other cities, such as drugs, these are a common factor in the night life in Ibiza. So not a good place to go if it’s your first time partying.
  5. Budapest, Hungary- The prices of drinks are affordable in Budapest, this might be because the clubs remain open until the morning, ensuring that the party goers have the time of their lives. The clubs which line the city host some of the most successful DJ’s in the world who are invited by club owners to entertain their customers. During the summer months, most clubs are set up in the open and have boats that float with the music, meaning that you can have a party on a boat!
The best part about all of these cities is that they are all in Europe. Meaning they are easy to access. You could visit these cities by plane, cruise, or even car. Just remember you are only young once!

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