Balinese traditional irrigation system is being celebrated

Indonesian government and people in Bali celebrated on Monday the inscription of Balinese traditional irrigation system, called Subak, as one of the world's heritage endorsed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The UNESCO's endorsement, entitled "Bali Province's Cultural Landscape: Subak System as a Manifestation of Tri Hita Karana", took place in an assembly session of World Heritage Commission held on June 29 in St. Petersburg, Russia, Indonesia's Education and Culture Deputy Minister Windu Nuryanti told a ceremony celebrating the UNESCO endorsement here.

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The other UNESCO's World Heritage Sites in Indonesia

Balinese irrigation system"The Subak World Heritage is a cluster that covers five heritage sites consist of Ulun Batur lake monastery, Lake Batur, Pakerisan river area, Catur Arga Batukeru and Ayun Garden. In total it covers 20,974.70 hectares," Windu said. The celebration itself was filled with ceremonies to mark the opening of each site, located in five regencies, as a World Heritage.

The inscription of Subak makes Indonesia host eight of World Heritages.It took 12 years for Indonesia to make the Balinese irrigation system listed on UNESCO-endorsed World Heritage, Windu said.

The other UNESCO's World Heritage Sites in Indonesia are Borobudur temple, Komodo National Park, Prambanan temple, Ujung Kulon national park, Early man Jurassic Park, Lorentz national park and Sumatra rainforest.

Cultural Landscape of Bali Province
Cultural Landscape of Bali Province

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