UNESCO official tips for conservation

UNITED Nations Educational and Scientific Organisation (UNESCO) resident manager David Kaulule has called on government to be fully involved in the issues of conservation in Zambia. Dr Kaulule said government should ensure that heritage sites were properly conserved. He said this on Friday when he officiated at the Inter-continental Hotels responsible business week at Munda Wanga botanical gardens in Chilanga.

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The site should be well-preserved

UNESCO"Government should ensure that heritage sites in the country are properly conserved because they contribute to the cultural identity," he said. He said UNESCO was committed to conserve and protect heritage sites and his organisation was determined to help protect the natural and cultural heritage in Zambia. Dr Kaulule said UNESCO would ensure heritage sites were conserved as they contributed to the cultural identity of the country.

He said Zambia had many heritage sites that lacked management and resources to maintain them. Hotel Inter-continental managing director john Kimondiu said the hotel had undertaken a cleanup campaign at Munda wanga as a way of conserving conservation sites.

He said the hotel had the responsibility to respect and protect nature, heritage and communities that were unique. Mr Kimondiu said Inter-continental would continue fostering conservation of heritage sites. / Times of Zambia.

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