World heritage site Charlestown on sale

If you've ever harboured ambitions to live beside the sea and have a spare £4.4million, then Charlestown could be a good catch. The Grade II Unesco world heritage site is more suitable as a film set than hang-out for the yachting set. Doctor Who's Matt Smith has fought space pirates on the quayside. It's seen Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, Rebecca and The Three Musketeers. Its owner, Robin Davies, is also selling his marine training and charter business which includes two square rigged Tall ships. So buyers get their own engineers, boatmen, deckhands and captains. Alternatively, you can pay £1.5million for just the harbour, waterfront, two beaches, car park, weighbridges, a restaurant and ice cream parlour.

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City of Charlestown

City of Charlestown HarbourCharlestown was established around 1660 and soon thereafter became the capital of nevis and seat of the Leeward Islands Government until the mid-1720's. Situated on the coast and site the best anchorage in Nevis, the town boasts many 19th century buildings. Georgian architecture is the prevalent type with about half of the existing structure coming from the 1850 to 1900 period. Charlestown continues to be the center of Nevis commercial activity and business center. New construction is being consictent with prevaling architectural style. The population is about 2000 people.

Charlestown Harbour
Charlestown Harbour

'The harbour used to export china clay and when we came here the place was covered in white dust,' said Mr Davies. 'We have the facilities to repair boats but a lot of our business is now focused on films.

'It's a vibrant little village and a spectacular place to live and we think this is a once if a lifetime opportunity for someone. I'd like to see it carry on as it is. It is a wonderful opportunity with scope for expansion; it just needs a younger generation with energy to come forward. 'We allow members of the public to come in and hope they hire a boat for the day and buy ice creams and eat in the restaurant,' added the 69-year-old.

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