Filming Work is not good at Lenggong Valley Heritage

In fact, the grafitti and the black mud had been there long before Lenggong Valley was nominated as a Unesco World Heritage site. The caves in Lenggong Valley are famous for the landscape of the area which still preserves the original landscape of the old civilisation. Due to its nature, it has become a favourite spot for film production.It is believed that the reported grafitti problem arose from the filming work that was done in the cave several years ago.

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Lenggong Valley

World Heritage Lenggong ValleyThe lush Lenggong Valley on the Malay Peninsula contains evidence in open-air and cave sites along the Perak River spanning all the periods of hominid history outside Africa from 1.83 million to 1,700 years ago. Undisturbed in situ Palaeolithic stone tool workshops are located on the shores of a paleolake and ancient river gravel beds and dated in a long chronological sequence. A meteorite strike 1.83 million b.p. blocked and diverted the river preserving Palaeolithic tools at Bukit Bunuh, where hand axes are among the oldest so far discovered outside Africa. Analysis suggests these were made by hominids which thus provide an extremely early date for hominid presence in South-East Asia.

Lenggong Valley
Lenggong Valley

For the past two years, people in Lenggong have been educated to preserve the cave sites and other archaeology sites. This was through talks, programmes and seminars conducted by the National Heritage Depart­ment Malaysia in collaboration with the Lenggong District Council. As a result of the talks, people in Lenggong now can self-monitor the cave and sites against disturbances such as guano digging, grafitti and rock mining.

We would also like to remind visitors, tourists and film production crew who wish to visit the caves and archaeology sites not to go there directly or use middlemen to take them there. They should go to the Lenggong Archeology Gallery first to register and the trip will be arranged for them from there. This is to prevent the cave from being classified as permitting "no visitors" or barring visitors from entering the caves.

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