Heritage-style hotels for tourists in Malaysia

A hotel using the authentic tolou architecture would certainly be more attractive than just another apartment block: I WAS inspired by the report "Quaint heritage homes" regarding the tulou, built by the Hakkas more than 700 years ago, that are still standing majestically today. About 80 families can be housed within a tolou, which is a large circular five-storey fortified building. The inhabitants enjoyed security in much the same way as guarded apartments and gated housing of today. Firty-six tolou homes in Fujian province have been inscribed in 2008 by Unesco as a World Heritage Site for their unique architecture and function of communal living and defensive organisation.

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Why Malaysia is a top destination for tourists from China?

Heritage-style hotels for tourists in MalaysiaIt would be good for Malaysian investors to approach this company for a joint-venture to construct another replica in or near Kuala Lumpur. A perfect setting would be one of the small plateaus nestled by the mountainside off the Karak Highway. By incorporating a boutique hotel, restaurants and showcasing Hakka culture, it would draw a large number of tourists. One reason why Malaysia is a top destination for tourists from China is because a few million locals are of Chinese descent. People are naturally curious of how their same stock is faring in distant lands.t

Also, one tends to swell with pride upon seeing local products and cultures in foreign countries. Due to frequent wars in northern China, many Chinese from the central region gradually moved south over the centuries. These migrants became known as the Hakkas, which meant guest people, and had to settle in unpopulated areas that were often hilly.

In the later part of nineteenth and early twentieth century, large numbers of Chinese sailed overseas from Guangdong and Fujian provinces to escape poverty.My Hakka grandparents chose to come here while other relatives are spread all over the world in places as far flung as Tahiti in the South Pacific and Jamaica in the Caribbean.

Famous historical figures such as Kapitan Yap Ah Loy, Dr Sun Yat Sen and Deng Xiaoping were Hakkas. In Malaysia, Hakkas form the largest Chinese community after the Hokkiens and the Hakka dialect is closer to Mandarin than Cantonese or Hokkien because of its northern roots.

Fujian Tulou
Tulou Circular Building

As such, the tolou and Hakka culture and cuisine are very effective tools to promote tourism and can draw large number of tourists from all over the world, including those from China. A hotel using the authentic tolou architecture would certainly be more attractive than just another apartment block.

Sticking to ancient technology and quality workmanship, it could also last more than 700 years, unlike some modern structures with leaking or collapsing roofs. Another interesting design would be the Sarawak long house. Having one built at the edge of a wooded hillside in Kuala Lumpur would attract adventure tourists and backpackers.

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