Spain Tourism Conducts UNESCO World Heritage Sites awareness road show in India

In order to create awareness about UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Spain, the Tourism Office of Spain will conduct road shows in New Delhi (September 10), Bengaluru (September 12) and Mumbai (September 13) this month. Arturo Ortiz Arduan, Tourism Counselor, Embassy of Spain – Tourism Department, Tourism Office of Spain – Mumbai, said, "We want to highlight the World Heritage Sites and monuments of Spain through the road shows in India. Spain is the second country in the world with the largest number of World Heritage Sites and monuments. There are 13 cities in Spain that are declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Most of these are prominent tourist locations."

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Focusing Mature Travel Audience

Road Show in IndiaHe further added, "We are focusing on the mature travel audience from these markets and have invited 60 to 75 top tour operators in each city. It will be a networking evening with presentations over cocktails and dinner. Representatives from all the World Heritage cities will be present at the function. Moreover, we also have the Mayor of Segovia attending the road shows in all three cities."

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