Paris is the capital of France. Located on the river Seine, in northern France, in the heart of the region Île-de-France (also known as "Paris Region"). City of Paris on administrative boundaries (unchanged since 1860) has a population of 2,167,994 inhabitants (January 2006). Paris Unité urbaine (or urban area) extends well beyond the administrative city limits and has an estimated population of 9.93 million (2005). Paris aire urbaine (or metropolitan area) has a population of nearly 12 million people, and is one of the densest metropolitan areas in Europe.

Paris today become one of the leading business and cultural center in the world, and the mixture of politics, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science and art, all contribute to its status as one of the world's largest global cities.

Paris is also the city's most popular tourist destination in the world, with 30 million foreign visitors per year. There are a number of famous land mark among its many attractions, along with famous institutions and popular parks in the world.
And the most preferred activities while in town this fashion is nothing but shopping, dining and exploring the various museums.

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