Tahuamanu province is the area most in Peru of 19.7 million hectares of dense forest. Tahuamanu reserve is also home to rare and valuable old-growth mahogany and cedar trees high.

Tahuamanu also known to have clay minerals in the world's largest, located in the western part of Tahuamanu. This mineral-rich mud of this natural wonder help the birds digest the sour fruit that they eat everyday.

Tahuamanu is the natural habitat of more than 750 species of birds including parrots and macaws magnificent. It also is home to rare species of mammals such as giant otters, OCELOT, the jaguar, a six foot long 'river wolf', badgers, weasels and ferrets.

In Tahuamanu also contained mahogany tree, the material for the manufacture of expensive furniture and high quality. Hence, trees in Tahuamanu often became targets of illegal logging. And published on the forest will be endangered by illegal loggers.

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