Great Wall

Great Wall of China or the Great Wall of China is also known in China as long as the Great Wall of 10,000 Li ¹ (万里长城; 万里长城; Wanli Changcheng) is building the longest ever made by humans, is located in the People's Republic of China. Its length is 6400 kilometers (from the region Sanhai Pass in the east to Lop Nur in the west) and the height of 8 meters in order to prevent the invasion of the Mongols from the north at that time. The width of the top 5 m, while the width of the bottom 8 m. Every 180-270 m made such a tower. High tower is 11-12 m.

To create a giant wall, it can take hundreds of years at the time of the various emperors. Initially, it is estimated Qin Shi-huang who started the construction of the wall, but according to research and record the history of literature, that wall has been made before the Qin Dynasty stand, precisely first built in the Warring States Period. Emperor Qin Shi-huang continue development and strengthening the walls that had been built earlier.

Great Wall which we now call the most is the huge wall that was built during the Ming Dynasty in power between 1368 and 1644. Stems from its western end at Jiayu Fortress of Western China's Gansu Province and the eastern end of the Yalu River on the outskirts of Northeast China's Liaoning Province after passing the 9 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions along the 7300 kilometers, or equal to 14 thousand li of China. Thus, the Great Wall was called a "wall length of 10 thousand li" in Chinese.

The Great Wall as a function of military fortifications are now no longer exists, but the beauty of its architecture is still very impressive. The beauty of the Great Wall is reflected in the grandeur, power and greatness. Removing the view from a distance to the Great Wall, the huge high wall that extends for thousands of miles it looked like a gigantic dragon-geliut menggeliang down the mountains; when viewed from close range, then the wall was filled with the charm of art with a variety of architecture.

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