Jiaozhou Bay, World's Longest Bridge

China has made new breakthrough in the world, is to open world's longest bridge across the sea. The bridge, named Jiaozhou Bay, has a length of 42 kilometers. He connects the port city of Qingdao in the eastern region of the country with Huangdao island.
According to China Central Television, China's state television station, a bridge with a width of 35 meters was the longest bridge. When built, the project cost up to over U.S. $ 1.5 billion or about Rp12, 8 trillion.

To be able to stand, Jiaozhou Bay is supported by more than 5,000 pillars. The bridge construction will be completed after 4 years of development.

According to Guinness World Records, the new bridge inaugurated in China is four miles longer than the previous record held by the Bridge Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in Louisiana, USA.

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