Mariana Trench is the deepest point in Earth

Mariana Trench is the deepest point in Earth's oceans, and the deepest location on the Earth's crust. He is located at the base of the northwest Pacific Ocean, east of the Mariana Islands at 11 ° 21 'North latitude and 142 ° 12' east longitude, near the well with the Japanese. Trench is a boundary where two tectonic plates meet, a subduction zone where the Pacific Plate under the Philippine Plate disubduksi. The basis of the trough is far below the ocean surface further from the height of Mount Everest above sea level.

Mariana Trench has a maximum depth of 10,911 meters (35,798 feet) below sea level. If calculated according to latitudenya and "equatorial bulge" Earth, he was 6366.4 miles from the center of the Earth. Arctic Ocean, on the other hand, with a depth of 4 km, a distance the ocean floor to the center of the earth by ~ 6352.8 miles, 13.6 km closer.

Was first investigated in 1951 by the British Navy vessel, Challenger II, which gives the name of the deepest point of the trough depth Challenger. Using the echo, the Challenger II measured into 5960 fathoms (10,900 m) at 11 ° 19 'N, 142 ° 15' T.

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