Tourism Regions Mandeh

Tourism Regions Mandeh located in Koto XI Tarusan is bounded directly by the city of Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. This area is just 56 km from Padang with ± 18 000 ha area and travel time about 56 minutes. This location is referred to as the region Mandeh week because one of the villages in this area called Kampung Mandeh, famous in the middle of the Gulf Carocok Tarusan.

Tourism Regions surrounding Mandeh 7 Villages in three villages inhabited by population of 9931 souls with the livelihoods of farming, livestock and fishing. Area attractions Mandeh (Mandeh Resort) are well-known national and international levels in the presence of foreign investment (Italy), developing a tourist resort known as Cubadak Paradiso.

Even Mandeh Region has become a major destination tourism sector maritime policy is entered into the National Tourism Development Master Plan (RIPPNAS) with multiply and Bunaken. Tourism Regions Mandeh be very promising for investment purposes.

While in the south of this region precisely in the village there is a promontory Carocok shimmy like a hook, so the bay looks like a stunning lake with ripples that always sings incessantly.

On the northern area there are several islands Mandeh circular namely: Island Bintangor, Pagang Island, Snake Island, and Island Rampant adjoining the Sikuai Island. Along the beaches from Kampung Sungai Kampung Pisang to the region Carocok quite flat and sandy white with a few shade trees like coconut trees, hibiscus tree, jackfruit tree, and so forth.

It is not fetched fetched presumably, if the area is dubbed with The Paradise in the Shouth (paradise in the South), meaning in the southern province of West Sumatra. In heaven all the peace can be obtained here. Locals take advantage of this peace and quiet bay with melayarinya, fishing and paddle boats. Even tourists who come here often take advantage of this marine lake to swim from one island to another, but certainly also for diving, watching the beauty of the ocean floor in various forms and types of shellfish and fish that live there.

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